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Mac Users: Put a Screencap on Your Clipboard

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Hold down ‘shift,’ ‘control,’ and ‘command,’ then press ‘3.’

The result is the same as pressing ‘Print Screen’ on a PC: An image of the entire screen has been copied to the clipboard, meaning you can paste the image into another application by hitting ‘command-v’ or selecting ‘Edit and Paste’ from the top menu.

In Keynote and Powerpoint for Mac, you can now mask the image to isolate a portion of the screen. The ‘Alpha’ tool will work as well, so you can make certain areas transparent. Unfortunately, you cannot use ‘Adjust Image’ to change the brightness, contrast, or color levels.

For capturing logos and stills, however, this can be much faster and simpler than using Grab, and it will not clutter your desktop with old screencaps.

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[Gary Reichardt]


Keynote: Replacing Animated Objects Without Re-Doing the Animation

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Traditionally, when one element in an animated sequence needed to be altered or replaced, it meant also having to re-build the animated sequence. In Keynote ’09, however, animated images can be replaced simply by dragging-and-dropping; without interfering with the animated sequence.

With the slide open and the element to be replaced showing, go to Finder and navigate to where the new element is stored. Click and hold on the new element and drag over to Keynote to where the old element is highlighted (a blue line will appear around the old image). Release the mouse button and the new image will take the place of the old, adopting its animated properties and leaving the rest of the sequence intact.

[Gary Reichardt]